Photo Credit:  Phreckles Photography

Photo Credit: Phreckles Photography

Vanity Fair:  Which talent would you most like to have?

Cusak:  Music.  It seems to be the closest art to prayer and where the shamans roam.

— From the ‘Proust Questionnaire’ with John Cusak, Vanity Fair, 2008


I was born and raised in North Texas, in a town where my mom had been a high school homecoming queen, my dad came to help his college football team win a national title, my grandfather sold everyone’s insurance and everyone somehow magically knew my whereabouts at all times (and made sure my parents did too).

I started taking piano lessons when I was 5 and never stopped. I learned to play on a big, bulky piano-shaped object whose tune had permanently fallen a whole step and half lower than all other musical instruments. It was perfect. On that creaky bench, I added “pianist” to my list of self-descriptors and it became the most prominent of my identities.

When it was time to venture to college, I went to Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, paid for by both academic and music scholarships. I was at a solid liberal arts institution, so in addition to my music classes, I learned about Religion and Philosophy, Art History and Astronomy, the effects of drugs on your brain and the inner-workings of German fairy tales. Until I went to Rhodes, I was “a Pianist”; by the time I graduated, I was “a Pianist, AND…”.

I had trained since I was 5 years old to be a Pianist; then, thanks to my introduction to everything else at Rhodes, I fell in love with countless other topics and developed passions I never knew possible. All of a sudden, I felt like I could perhaps be more.

I will forever be working to marry my many interests, strengths, and passions. I see now that I was never just “Pianist”.

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Today, you’ll find me: teaching piano in my new Studio downtown Salida; working with moms and babies to help make breastfeeding more accessible, more attainable, and more successful; celebrating the gift of song with other women; jabbering away with other moms about life with our families in Home Sweet Salida; and scheming of other ways to be creative in this community.

What unites these things? Community. Connection. Creation. Empowerment. Education. Expression.

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If you haven’t guessed it yet, you are my future. I see you! I am here! And I so very much look forward to working with you.

Photo Credit:  Phreckles Photography

Photo Credit: Phreckles Photography